Footnotes issue C

La Police

Notes from the editor:

The 3nd issue of Footnotes, the periodical bulletin of applied research in type design contains 5 articles. Each copy comes with complimentary goodies: a book-shelf-mark (listing the table of contents of the previous issue) and a card with visual clues.

Everyday types
Researching Ladislas Mandel’s typefaces for telephone directories — part 2: Linéale, Lusitania & Nordica
Alice Savoie

One-off Four: Lara & Bali
Coline Sunier & Charles Mazé

Carbon copy
The production of typewriter type styles and their influence on letterpress typefaces
Nicolien van der Keur

May gallery & residency
One-off Five: Antique No 525 & various hand-lettered posters
Alaric Garnier

The godfather: retracing the origins of Akzidenz‑Grotesk
Dan Reynolds

Pierre Pané‑Farré, Alaric Garnier, Nicolien van der Keur, Radim Peško

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