Sidewalk salon

Manar Moursi & David Puig

Note from the editor:

“Sidewalk Salon Cairo– 1001 street chairs of Cairo” is an intimate portrait of Cairo, seen from the thousands of street chairs on its sidewalks and the people who occupy them.

These far from perfect, used chairs, which populate Cairo’s sidewalks, speak of the city from below. Acting at times as zoom and as wide-angle lenses, the street chairs are used in this book as tools to explore intimate details and collective aspects of the city. If strictly speaking Sidewalk Salon Cairo is a photographic documentation of original chairs from the streets of Cairo, in a larger sense it deals with the material and human dimensions of a layer of the city.

In addition to the polaroid photographs of the street chairs, various stories were gathered. Interviews with chair users as well as short pieces of fiction and poems inspired by street chairs, commissioned for this project, bring us closer to the occupants and owners of street chairs. Our roster of writers included the talented voices of Yasser Abd al-Latif, Al-Taher Sharkawy, Maged Zaher, Mohamed al-Fakharany, Amira Hanafi and Malaka Badr

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