Disegno #37

Note from the editor:

Inga Sempé’s design fictions surrounding the home; a take on the Filipino bangkito, designed by Unosinotra; a call for typefaces that can handle the diacritical demands of Vietnamese script; Jenny Nordberg’s furniture experiments with glitch aesthetics; Jörg Boner and Lütjens Padmanabhan Architektinnen’s garden pavilion embassy in Algiers; a visit to the Ouagadougou atelier of Hamed Ouattara; a fringe-based challenge to wasteful cutting patterns from Sarah Brunnhuber; shipping containers and dazzle camouflage compared by Tetsuo Mukai; a study of designing for pets, with Layer, Hay, Papuk and LucyBalu; an oral account of contemporary Swiss design, as told by Sarah Kueng, Ini Archibong, Big-Game and more; Sony’s Cube, seen in a music video from Glass Animals; the pleasures of portable lighting, in Omer Arbel’s glowing orb; a journey through llamas and living legacies at the Eames Insitute for Infinite Curiosity; a roundtable about the challenges and opportunities facing bio-tech, steered by Natsai Audrey Chieza and Normal Phenomenon of Life; a dive into the realm of tin and terracotta with a barbecue from Jasper Morrison Studio; the world’s first 100 per cent recycled aluminium alloy, explored by Lars Beller Fjetland; 3D art translated into 2D textiles, courtesy of Jacob Hashimoto; the need for DIY design, as argued for by Nitzan Cohen; a meeting between typefaces and furniture, orchestrated by BNAG and ABC Dinamo;a trough-like yellow tray, designed by Mitre and Mondays; and Oscar Lhermitte’s design assessment of the London plane tree.

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