An opinionated guide to London architecture

Sujata Burman & Rosa Bertoli

Note from the editor:

This is a short, opinionated guide to the most exciting, arresting buildings in the capital. Packed full of original photography.

Created with the expert insight of writers Sujata Burman and Rosa Bertoli and photography by Taran Wilkhu, this pocket-sized companion features 54 must-see buildings in the capital whether Classical, Contemporary, Modernist, Brutalist or beyond. If it’s great, it’s in here.

“We are not wedded to a particular architectural style, or worried about which buildings are cool, or if some are too touristic. But we do live in and love London and are fanatical about design and culture. These are simply the absolute best buildings, in our opinion.” Words by Sujata Burman and Rosa Bertoli

Includes a foreword by Open House director Rory Olcayto, an architectural glossary and three guided walks with maps.

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