The Modernist

Note of the editor:

The discovery of classical modernity in contemporary graphics. After a phase of eclectic, baroque, iconic design, today’s design is again strongly oriented towards functionalism and pragmatism. Young graphic artists are increasingly incorporating principles of classical modernism into the design process. They avoid excess and exaggeration and create high quality, consistent work.The Modernist brings together works from the disciplines of graphic design and illustration, largely created with minimal effort. Thanks to a deliberately limited palette of colors, tools and geometric shapes, they appear both contemporary and timeless. The book makes it clear that the classic design of the 1960s and 1970s is not copied today. Rather, the best developments of the 1990s, such as vector graphics and construction, are noticeably incorporated into the works shown here. Although the starting point of this design is not dominated by the computer, it serves here as a tool to play with elements that did not exist at the time and to assemble the existing means and styles. The Modernist presents a tendency towards a reduced, objective one and pragmatic approach. At first glance, you think that the solutions that are currently emerging come from times past. In fact, it is only our idealistic idea of ​​modernity that assigns attributes to the earlier works that they never possessed.

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