Present. Issue 2: vulnerability

Note from the editor:

PRESENT is a magazine about making and self-reflection. It’s about concentrating vs. letting go, and exploring the bliss and struggle of creating. We speak to makers around the world about their path and philosophies in order to demystify the creative process. This is a space for honest conversations about discipline, fear, career paths and confidence.

We believe that our journey reveals who we really are — perhaps even more so than our chosen destination. Sharing that rocky, unromanticised process with others is bold, and has the power to inspire and encourage. Because no matter our backgrounds, we all face similar challenges when we create something new in this world.

PRESENT is for all makers and dreamers. For all dreamers who make. For anyone creating something and challenging themselves on purpose. We share ways of overcoming procrastination and self-doubts that might hold us back from being truly present and tackle our favorite unrealized project.

Thank you for being here!
Hugo Hoppmann

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